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Spotify is a well-known premium music player, quite popular all over the world; it was launched on April 23, 2006 as the most profitable audio streaming platform and music player for listening to your favorite artist. This article will give you exactly what you need if you’re looking for Spotify ++ IPA, as there is an Android version, but here we’ll talk about iOS only.

Spotify++ iPA iOS 15/16 Download [Premium Free][Working 2022]

Spotify++ iOS Premium app: the best free Spotify Plus app for Apple

Spotify has two versions: one is free with some restrictions, and on the other hand, there is a paid service that gives you full access to Spotify’s music library without any control, but at $9.99 per month.

The free version of Spotify is rife with intrusive ads that ruin the music experience. Also, the premium Spotify app has better sound quality than the free version.

But everyone can’t afford the $9.99 a month for a premium Spotify account. For all those people, there are several affordable solutions, which we’ll discuss in this article. If you can buy the premium version of Spotify, enjoy the music.

If you can’t, don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to get the premium Spotify features for free on iOS and Android. We’re going to use the Spotify ++ app, which gives you free access to all of Spotify’s premium features. Before we get to the guide, let’s take a look at some of the features of this Spotify++ app.

Spotify ++ is a kind of tweak, or you can also call it a mod that will give you a premium feature for free, you can also expect hidden features that will help you get more enjoyment from Spotify.

So, everyone knows about the Spotify premium APK, a great music streaming app for iOS; if you’re an iPhone user, you probably care about it.

However, its official version is available for free download. However, if you want to unlock this feature, you’ll have to purchase Spotify subscriptions, which are open in the Spotify++ version of the tweak.

Many of you may still be confused about jailbreaking, so here I would like to dispel your doubts about it, you do not need a jailbreak for this app. surely this is one fantastic modified version of Spotify++ IPA, which means that you can enjoy music without any interruption or any paid subscription.

Download Spotify++ for iOS [2022]

Spotify++ IPA features

No one wants to pay more than expected, especially in terms of being a student, it’s always hard to manage costs, Spotify’s premium features will cost you a little more than other apps, yes, you may consider that a downside.

While it’s worth the investment, not everyone can pay that cost. That’s why we’ve come up with a solution for you guys; you can download a modified version of Spotify ++ for free and enjoy the enhanced features.

Wait, have you ever used the Spotify app? If you’ve used the free version, you should also know the features of the premium version, below we’ve shared all the premium features that might shock you.

Non-stop music offline

A slow connection can ruin your mood, which is totally unacceptable. With this modified app, you can download your favorite songs from the list to your phone memory.

It’s easy to do, and the best part of this version of the mod is that you can listen to your favorite music anytime without an Internet connection.

No ads

Some people have always disliked seeing annoying ads, and it’s true; there are different types of ads, such as 20-second videos and some ads that you can’t miss, which is frustrating and spoils the mood when playing music.

Now you don’t have to worry about annoying ads because this modified version of Spotify++ takes care of that.

No jailbreak required

You’ve probably heard the word and its most commonly used phrase in the iPhone world, but the best thing about this setup is that no jailbreak is required at all.

If you don’t know about jailbreaking, this is a hack that will help you download restricted apps to your iPhone device, but for this mod you can skip it.

A few more features you can’t miss in Spotify ++, and the best part about it, they’re all free.

  • Unlimited stirring
  • Extreme sound and repeats
  • Continuous playback of songs and podcasts
  • Explore new music and artists.
  • Find any song by simply searching in the search bar.
  • Create and share your playlists.
  • Standalone music mode.

How to install Spotify++ IPA on your iPhone or iOS device

Finally, here’s the main part, which begins with you being one step behind the best premium Spotify features for the iPhone. What most of you don’t know, however, is that you’ll need Cydia to install the app on your device.

Below is a guide on how to install Spotify ++ on your iOS device, you just need to follow the steps.

  • Download the Spotify ++ IPA file using the download button above.
  • You will need Cydia Impactor, download it.
  • Now connect your iPhone device to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Open Cydia Impactor.
  • Now navigate to the downloaded file, drag and drop it into the Cydia Impactor.
  • Now the program will ask you for your Apple ID username and password, enter them accordingly.
  • If that doesn’t work. Try a different Apple ID (don’t worry, it’s safe)
  • Your app will begin installation.
  • Once the installation is complete, go to Settings -> Basic -> Profiles (or Device Management/Profiles and Device Management)
  • Find the profile that contains your Apple ID.
  • Open it and click on the “Trust” button.
  • Now enjoy your music.

Download the Spotify ++ app for Android

Step 1: Uninstall the Spotify app if you’re already using it. If you are a new user, just skip to step 2.

Step 2: Now click the download button and download the Spotify++ app file. If you’re wondering why we’re asking you to download the app from a source other than the Play store, because modified versions of the app can’t be found in the Play store. But don’t worry about the security of the app.

Step 3: After downloading, you need to enable the setting to install any third-party app on your device. To enable unknown sources, simply go to “Settings” -> “Security” -> “Enable unknown sources”. Now click “OK” in the window that appears to successfully enable unknown sources.

Step 4: It’s time to install the actual Spotify ++ app on your device. Simply open the application file that you recently downloaded.

Step 5: Wait a few seconds for the Spotify++ app to install on your Android device.

Step 6: Wow! Now you can enjoy listening to music in high quality without annoying ads on Spotify++. You can sign in to your old Spotify account in this Spotify++ app or create a new account in this app.

We’ll be adding download links soon.

If you run into any problems downloading, installing or working with the app, the comments section is always open to you. It will help many people like you, so feel free to comment your thoughts and questions in the comments section.

Spotify++ iOS 15 - Download Spotify++ IPA for iPhone and iPad [2022]


Playing interrupted music is an option, but playing music with premium features is a proud thing, and that’s why we want you to do it. With Spotify ++ IPA, you can customize the version we shared above.

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