Score! Hero for Android

Score! Hero is a soccer game in which, instead of controlling an entire team, you will only control one player. Also, instead of playing entire matches, you will only participate in a set of key moments of each game.

In some matches your team will lose to the opponent by a few goals and your goal will be to win back and turn the tide; in other matches you will have to try to score the winning goal in the last minute of the game. The idea is that you will always be involved in the key moments of each game, either by scoring or contributing to it.

An interesting feature of Score! Hero is that the game is divided into levels, which in turn are broken down by season. On each level you can earn from one to three stars. On some levels, to get three stars, you need to score a goal in the “heel” goal, and on some levels you need to score a goal from a distance of twenty meters.

The game has traditional gameplay for games of this genre: swipe your finger on the screen to draw the path for the ball. In this way, you can take spectacular shots and even score with your head, as well as do other tricks.

Score! Hero is a very addictive soccer game with great graphics. It offers a gaming experience different from other soccer games. In addition, the game offers many options to customize your player.

Score! Hero

Get to know the game

BE THE HERO! Pass and Shoot and score goals that will help you achieve legendary status and pass 660 exciting levels on your way to an exciting career as your HERO!

Free-floating, immersive 3D score pointer! You are in complete control of the action in the game. Whether it’s breaking through your opponent’s defense with precision kicks or curling the ball straight into the top corner of the goal, you are in complete control of the action in this unsurpassed soccer game for mobile devices.

Game Features

Over 660 levels, and there’s no limit…

  • Win awards and cups, score goals, move from club to club, defend your country’s honor in championships and achieve glory!
  • Take part in regular events to earn medals and glory.
  • New scoreboard! The new engine gives you even more freedom for unprecedented game strategy!
  • Learning how to play is easy, but achieving mastery is not so easy.
  • Stunning graphics, video cutscenes and animations in 3D.
  • Change your hero, giving him a unique look and feel.
  • Intelligent AI adapts to your passes and kicks, so each one flies differently.
  • Connect Facebook to compete with your best friends!
  • Google Play achievements and leaderboards will show you who’s the best!
  • Sync the game with the Google Play Cloud for easy use on different devices!
  • Thrilling story covering your player career, and more!

Score! Hero

Please note when installing

  • The game is completely free to play, and you have the option to purchase additional content and in-game items for real money.
  • This application uses Wi-Fi or mobile data (if available) to download game content and advertisements. You can disable the use of mobile data in this game via Settings > Mobile Data.
  • Ads from third parties are shown in the application. Ads can be disabled by purchasing in-game currency in the store.