Mobile casinos. How and where to play games on your phone?

Today, mobile casinos are no longer a product that should be treated indulgently. It has become a full-fledged continuation of the computer version. Players have access to all features and many games. Given the popularity of mobile devices, this was inevitable.

Today, when mentioning casinos on the phone, two things may be implied. The first is applications that need to be downloaded and installed on the device. Each device will need its own application. Downloading and installing them is not difficult. Just follow the instructions on the casino website. You will either be given a download link or you can find the app by scanning a QR code.

However, this solution is slowly going away and relatively few casinos today offer app downloads. At the moment, everything is shifting to playing directly in the browser. Even on a mobile device, you can simply launch the browser and play many games. There has long been a move to HTML5 technology, which allows you to play casino games regardless of platform.

In fact, almost any casino today offers one of two options, or both at once. So you can just choose a good, reliable operator without thinking too much about whether it has a mobile version. To choose an institution, you can use our rating.

Evolution of mobile casinos

The history of mobile gaming as a whole is not that long. It wasn’t until 1997 that the first ever game on a phone came out. And we’re not talking about casinos, but gaming in general. Snake by Nokia quickly spread to phones of the time, opening up new possibilities.

In the early 2000s, WAP content appeared on the horizon, and that’s when the first casino games on the phone launched. They just weren’t connected to any operator at the time. Players could simply enjoy them on their device without real bets.

WAP technology didn’t last long. It was replaced by JAVA applications. It is believed that the first JAVA mobile game was launched in 2005, and that it was IOMO’s Pub Fruity slot. However, during the dominance of this technology as well, there was no breakthrough in terms of real stakes mobile casinos. There were very few games that took real money.

A significant breakthrough in this area came in the late 2000s, when iOS and Android appeared. Since then, the development of mobile casino sphere has become much more rapid. More advanced mobile casino games began to appear. But even this is not the top of the industry’s achievements.

The cross platform period the industry is in today is another significant breakthrough. HTML5 has made it possible to create one game for all devices. Now there is no longer a need to create separate casino apps because you can play through a browser.

Since mobile devices used to be much less powerful than today, mobile games had to be tweaked. Developers had to sacrifice quality or some add-ons to make the game as simple as possible and it would work properly on the phone.

In general, the previously offered does not compare in quality and convenience with today’s opportunities of mobile online casinos. Until relatively recently, players in some cases had to open a separate account to play on the phone. Deposits, withdrawals, or other activities other than finding and running games were not available. All this had to be done separately on the computer.

Today this is no longer the case. One account is used when logging in to the casino site from both mobile and computer. All the same bonuses are accrued, whereas before the bonus offers were separate.

Advantages of playing on your phone

The advantages of playing at a mobile casino from your phone are obvious. The most important advantage is that you are not tied to your home or other place, and you can literally play at any moment. Since we have our phones with us all the time, and we almost always have access to the internet, you don’t need to make any extra effort to play at a mobile casino.

You already have everything at your fingertips, you just have to go to the casino website in your browser or open the downloaded mobile casino app. Of course, there may be some minor inconveniences due to the small screen, but otherwise it’s a great solution.

Special bonuses for mobile casino users. The peak of popularity of such proposals has already passed. But for sure there are still operators who still encourage their players to play on their phones.

Another advantage of playing casino games on mobile is the ease of use, if, of course, you have a big enough screen. Unlike a computer, you don’t need a mouse or touchpad here. All control is done by touching the screen.

The choice between the applications and the game in the browser. Not all fans of mobile gambling prefer to play in the browser. Some are more inclined to the special casino applications. And if the operator has invested enough money in the development of the application, it really can be more convenient to use. Although downloadable casino software is becoming obsolete.

The popularity of mobile casinos

Mobile casinos are making rapid progress. A decade or so ago, it was all in its infancy, but now it’s a mature industry. The desire to invest and accordingly dynamic development is due to high demand.

Which casino games can I play on my phone?

There are even individual vendors that take a Mobile First approach, meaning that when developing games, the focus is primarily on mobile casinos. For example, this is the approach taken by Betsoft, which has developed a separate platform for mobile games called ToGo. ELK Studios also say that they create games primarily for mobile casinos.

This does not mean that these companies produce online casino games exclusively for mobile. Their slots run on computers as well, just when they’re developing they take into account the fact that phone and tablet users need to be as comfortable and interesting as possible.

Rating of the best mobile casinos on Android

If you are attracted to the sensations that are not available in everyday life, you want to test your luck, you want to feel the spirit of competition and achieve your goals, use the information about the best mobile casinos on Android.

Please note that online casinos do not provide games for real money, as it is prohibited by Russian law, so the developers of applications for Android create only internal virtual currency.

The rules are simple: the application interface imitates roulette, on which you need to guess the color and number, or slot machines, where after scrolling should fall out the same pictures. For the initial bets, as a rule, give a starting set of “money”. Overview of the highest rated online – casinos for Android you will find in our article.

The advantage of this casino (with contingent cash games) is that you can get 5,000,000 coins just for setting up and great rewards for visiting the program daily. There are:

  • Over fifty winning combinations each week;
  • Exclusive cards to help you hit the jackpot;
  • a free spin and a bonus combination every two hours;
  • for risk aficionados – super challenging missions;
  • good graphics;
  • For each successfully completed level – the original trophies

Magic Win

“Super casino slot machines” from LinkDesks Inc.

The new simulator on Android combines signs of an RPG and a mobile casino. Thanks to the delightful graphics, you get into extraordinary adventures and participate in the search for treasure in magical lands. The main principles are:

  • Bet on twenty lines at once in real mode;
  • all lines count from left to right, except marked as Bonus – slots, and each line is allocated a large sum;
  • Try to get as many runs of the reel as possible and thus earn lucrative prizes;
  • If five of the same mark – wait for the highest jackpot, note that Wild can replace any chip.
  • “Supercasino slot machines”.

Casino slots by Mahanta Gaming Studio

The next line in our top casino can rightfully take this application, as it offers:

  • The highest level of drive;
  • stunning results and lucrative payouts;
  • advanced graphic processing;
  • rare acoustic accompaniment;
  • bonus coins that allow you to increase your winning power;
  • simple and user-friendly interface.

Play Vegas – New Slots from BIG WIN Jackpot Casino

One of the most popular themed apps of is a roulette and slot machine simulator. To keep you betting even if you’re constantly out of luck, regular cash bonuses are provided here. Game of Vegas:

  • Will transport you to the atmosphere of Fortune’s feast that reigns in the real casinos of Las Vegas and Macau;
  • Will give you the opportunity to earn rewards by attracting new members through Facebook;
  • Bring you extra bonuses every two hours;
  • will give you a prize on the seventh day if you recently joined Play Vegas and lasted a week;
  • Will help you feel like a real billionaire.

Grand Jackpot Slots – Pop Vegas Casino Free Games

The Grand Jackpot Slots app from Pop Vegas Casino Free Game offers everyone to take advantage of interesting slot games. Here you will find:

  • A lot of video slot machines with a variety of combinations and generous rewards;
  • Unique design and special effects;
  • Increase the virtual income by twenty times;
  • Getting bonus money signs with a regularity of one hour;
  • Increasing the stakes guarantees more additional prizes.

Hot Slots: Vegas Slot Machines by Link Game

Another noteworthy software with the imitation of roulette and slot machines differs:

  • Wonderful animations that develop players’ imagination and abilities;
  • The daily opportunity to win ten million in conventional currency;
  • hourly surprise gift-giving;
  • Regular competitions between players;
  • Increased bets as a special bonus.

Please note that the games are designed for an adult audience and do not involve making and withdrawing real money. All of the listed apps on Android do not work without internet.

Top gambling games for android

Gambling has always been a part of human nature, and since ancient times people have loved to gamble. Starting with dice, cards and all sorts of bets and ending with the super modern casinos of our days, the human desire to get rich by playing has been encouraged as much as possible in all times. Of course, this trend has not avoided android, on this platform there are hundreds of applications dedicated to gambling. We have tried to select the best and tell you about them in this review. Gambling can be a lot of fun.

Slots – Pharaoh’s Way

The casino is associated in the first place with the huge halls of Las Vegas, full of slot machines. Now if you want to play them you do not need to go halfway around the world, the Pharaoh’s Way will give you the opportunity right in your phone. Great graphics, multiple game types, doubling your winnings – it’s all there in this application.

Slots – Big Win Casino

20 kinds of slot machines, 500 free coins every 3 hours, a progressive jackpot and much more – just a small part of what awaits you in this application. The developers have tried to cram into this casino pocket the maximum entertainment in what you can see for yourself downloading the game.

PokerStars Poker: Texas Holdem

What casino would be without poker? And what is poker without the world’s online leader – Poker Stars? Finally the famous brand has reached android and with it millions of players with whom you can fight in Texas Hold’em, Omaha and other types of poker.

DH Texas Poker

In fourth place in our top gambling games for android is another leader in mobile poker entices us with many interesting chips: a personal table to play with friends, a daily lottery, free chips and numerous free-rolls – all waiting for you at the green table.

Roulette Royale – Casino

Roulette is a casino symbol, and probably the most coveted prize of any player. Roulette is very difficult to win, but the winnings are much bigger than in other types of gambling. Luckily for you in Roulette Royale you can try your hand for free.

Coin Dozer

Continues the list of the best gambling games on android “Coin Dozer”, this is a completely unique game in our review. This is an emulator of the machine in which you have to toss coins on a special plane, already filled with coins. Your goal is to push as many coins as possible, and in this you will be helped by different bonuses and boosters. The game is really interesting and even addictive.

Bingo Bash – free bingoBingo is another favorite kind of gambling. We have not really spread, but in America, it plays a lot of people. If you like games of chance we recommend you to try playing a couple of games of bingo and it is likely that you will like it.

Bingo Blitz

Completes the rating of gambling games for android another version of bingo, this time combining the slot machines. In this application you are waiting for a variety of enhancements, collections and achievements – the developers have tried to make it so that to play bingo became even more interesting.