What is Lucky Patcher and how to use it?

Modern mobile games on Android are hell for grind-haters. Need to get materials for construction in some strategy game? Please, spend about five hours of real time to collect them or pay a n-th amount of money. Want to unlock a cool character in the latest iteration of your favorite fighting game? Again, spend precious time that can in no way be reclaimed, or lay your cash on the table…

But know what? Lucky Patcher is an alternative to all this nonsense. In today’s article, we’ll tell you in detail what Lucky Patcher is, how to use it and much, much more.

What is Lucky Patcher?

As some of you may already know, most Google Play apps are securely protected from partial or complete modification. The same can be said about the interaction of applications with Google services and the authorization process – everything is fully protected.

This is usually done in order to prevent the user from inadvertently gaining access to the application or part of its functionality, which he has rights to. For example, having downloaded the game Subway Surfers to your Android-smartphone, you will not be able to immediately start playing as other characters or just take over any boost you like. To do so, you will need to pay through Google Play the appropriate purchase and only then get access to the desired content.

Lucky Patcher is a multifunctional patcher for Android, which can easily get rid of this problem by bypassing the multi-layered protection of Google Play and opening full access to the application. Don’t want to pay for some trivia in a game or program? You don’t have to, because there is Lucky Patcher.

Lucky Patcher’s extensive arsenal of features includes:

  • Removing the license check for applications, both automatically and manually;
  • applying various patches to the application that give you access to its various features;
  • blocking the many hated ads in applications;
  • hacking various in-game currencies and other useful content;
  • quick backup of all your games, programs, and even their data;
  • blocking and removing suspicious and dangerous app permissions;
  • and other useful things…

How do I work with Lucky Patcher?

You can find a lot of useful information next to each of the applications. For example, if there are ads, license checks, micropayments, and more. You can also find out where exactly a particular application is located on the device (internal memory, SD card), whether it is system or not, and whether there are user patches for it.

Regarding sorting, all the applications in the list are sorted by default by the efficiency of the patches found for them, in descending order. Simply put, if an application is at the top of the list – you can easily patch it. Anything below it is not guaranteed or impossible. Of course, Lucky Patcher has other filters for sorting.

  • WARNING: Before you start working with Lucky Patcher, know that you will need to get ROOT access on your Android smartphone or tablet. Without ROOT access, Lucky Patcher will be practically useless.

Now let’s see how to patch an application with Lucky Patcher…

How do I patch an application with Lucky Patcher?

Let’s take the already mentioned Subway Surfers as an example. Great time-killer, but the boosts and additional characters are opened only through exorbitant grind or through real money. To fix this, you need to do the following:

  • install Lucky Patcher on your Android device;
  • Launch Lucky Patcher and wait for it to scan the system;
  • find Subway Surfers in the list and hold down on it;
  • select “Create a modified APK”;
  • in the menu with several options, select “rebuild to work with InApp and LVL emulation”;
  • tick the checkboxes “Support patch for LVL emulation” and “Support patch for InApp emulation”;
  • Click the “Rebuild Application” button and wait for the process to complete;
  • now press the “Browse” button and select the modified APK with the game;
  • select the “Uninstall and Install” option.

Uninstall and install the patched Subway Surfers. That’s all, now you have full access to the game you need. You can enter it and all the in-game content that was previously closed to you, for example, the same boosts and characters.

And, as mentioned earlier, the Lucky Patcher functionality doesn’t end there. You can remove ads (including Google ad services), check the license, rebuild the application components as you want, modify permissions, pack or unpack the application, and much more.

Fortunately, the patcher is completely in English and each option is described in detail. The main thing is to install the patcher and carefully read its contents. However, we should warn you about one unpleasant nuance: not every application can be successfully patched, and even if it can be patched, it will not work at the first attempt.

If you are not sure about yourself, we strongly recommend you to find a detailed manual on how to patch the application you need with Lucky Patcher. After all, this is not an official application from Google – you can easily make a mistake.