GTA San Andreas for Android with cache autoloading

Mobile games in the operating system from Google are installed in this way, when the main file and the so-called cache, the storage that contains the rest of the data, are formed. To avoid the hassle of manually installing both, we can use a version that does everything on its own. That’s one of such games and we will talk about in our today’s Article. Soon you will learn how to download GTA San Andreas for free and without registration on your Android phone with autoloading cache.

What is a cache and what is it for

The cache is all the data that actually consists of the game itself. In the case of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas there are models of houses, vehicles, weapons, characters, and so on. It can be the rocks, the water, the sky, everything that makes up the open world that you have to walk around.

That’s not what’s important, the important thing is that when you start the game its licensed version, which you can download from Play Market, automatically creates a folder with the cache and downloads it from the network. With the applications installed from the APK-file this is not always the case. Users have to download the GTA San Andreas cache separately and put it in the system directory.

There are games with autoloading cache, for example, as in our case. Here this problem is solved and the application, even the one that we downloaded not from the corporate store Google, itself downloads and installs all the necessary data. As a result, you simply install the APK file, run it, waiting for the cache to load, and enjoy the gameplay.

Description of GTA San Andreas for Android phone

This project was originally created for personal computers and consoles. The game enjoyed incredible popularity, which is very far away, even existing today 5 version. But the years have taken their toll and the graphics, which at the time seemed great, began to fall behind gradually. But not on Android-phones – there such graphics was quite bearable. Therefore, a team of enthusiasts has adapted the software for cell phones.

The point of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is that you play as the main character, running around a big free world and doing one of two things:

You will have a lot of different weapons you can steal cars, ride them, ramming other players, or just dive in the sea, looking at the fish.

The advantages and disadvantages of Grand Theft Auto

Since GTA San Andreas is an application and an application is a software, it is important to know that any software has its characteristic positive and negative features. We will consider those in this game with a slight bias towards the fact that it is, after all, a very outdated product.

  • This is GTA San Andreas friends here waiting for you a huge open world in which you can do anything you want.
  • The lack of competitors to the game, at least approximately similar to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, even though it is an old version, simply does not exist.
  • Despite its age, excellent graphics, as for a phone.
  • The player gets full freedom of action. You can implement in the game everything that comes to mind.
  • If you download the application, finding it on the web, you can infect your phone with a virus and lose your bank data.

System Requirements

  • CPU: X2 or higher
  • RAM: 2GB and up
  • Platform: Android
  • Disk space: 500 MB and higher
  • Display: 480i or higher

As you can see, the requirements are not too high and even a more or less obsolete device, in principle, meets them.

How to download and install an application with cache autoloading

So, in order to download and install GTA San Andreas with autoloading cache for your Android phone do these simple Steps:

  • Download the APK file and click on the object to start the installation.
  • Confirm your intention by clicking the Install button.
  • Waiting for the completion of the installation of GTA San Andreas on the Android phone.
  • The game with autoloading cache is installed, and we can move on to it.
  • If your smartphone will refuse to install the APC file of GTA San Andreas, go to settings and activate the installation from unknown sources.
  • After that, you can start the game. GTA San Andreas shortcut with autoloading cache will appear on your phone’s home screen.
  • Once the application starts, click the button to go to the next step.


  • That’s it. We have succeeded, and now we can get acquainted with a huge world, the edges of which are simply not visible.

By the way, in this game the developers have implemented a system of codes, by entering one of which you can get a lot of weapons, tank, plane and even bicycle.

Download GTA San Andreas with autoloading cache

By clicking the button below you can download the latest version of Grand Theft Auto for free and without registration, the cache will be pulled up automatically. All you will need to do is to throw the file on your phone and run it.

Download GTA San Andreas Without Cache

Legendary classic is now available on any phone! Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is still in the hearts of many fans. Just a few years ago, this game was on the computer of every self-respecting gamer. In computer clubs queues were lined up to be able to steal a car and get involved in a shootout with the gangs.

The plot

The game begins with Carl Johnson arriving in his hometown. Five years ago he was accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Now it’s time to go back to his old life. When he comes home, he sees how much his family has changed. His mother is dead and his brother has become a gang leader. He can’t find out the details, there are bandits and police waiting outside. He’ll have to take up arms and clean up the house. Carl will not be able to start a quiet life, as he found himself entangled in someone’s game from the beginning. Finding out who’s pulling the strings won’t be easy.


GTA San Andreas on android is a full-fledged game, not a fan fake. All components of the gameplay have been carefully transferred to the mobile version, nothing has been cut or changed. It is as easy to control Carl on your phone as with a keyboard and mouse.

From the start, the player has access to a major city (there are three in total), where he can both entertain himself and engage in missions. Completing missions advances the storyline and opens up access to new mechanics, such as: car tuning, house stealing, romantic adventures, access to new cities, etc.


Gangster Revenge: Final Battle is a good GTA clone that didn’t just borrow gameplay mechanics, but managed to bring in a lot of new chips. If Carl had to deal with family problems, then the protagonist of Gangster Revenge has to deal with gang fights. The main innovation is a huge number of fighting styles that you can learn. But nobody forgot about firearms.

Payback 2 is an heir to first parts of GTA. The developers decided to keep the isometric camera, that it conveys the spirit of zero games. Also this solution provides more convenient and responsive control.


  • A full-fledged computer game on the phone;
  • Graphics;
  • A variety of game mechanics;
  • An interesting storyline.


  • The volume of the game;
  • Unusual control.

Download The Game

Download GTA San Andreas without checking the cache on your android right now. The game will suit fans of the open world and those who have decided to remember the old days. Become the greatest gangster with a huge mansion!

GTA San Andreas 2.00 without cache

The famous game GTA San Andreas for Android, is a true cult for many players from around the world. Back the main character will be Carl Johnson, who managed to escape from the dark Los Angeles, which is mired in a street war and drugs. All fans of shooters and all kinds of shooters will be very pleased with everything that is happening on their phones. But even in spite of the abundance of shooting and blood, this game can not be attributed to the shooter. It is a mix of many popular genres of modern games and quests.

In the game you will meet a lot of tasks, that are connected with gangsters, corrupt police, drugs and power corruption. After all, you will be acting in the 90’s in America. That was the time when corrupt cops appeared in the U.S., who covered up the criminals for many crimes. This is what you will be fighting against. In the game you can move absolutely freely, drive any car and walk around the big city. The control will be done with the help of buttons and joystick of your cell phone.

The main task for you will be almost to free the whole Los Angeles from criminals of different suits. In terms of graphics it is very attractive. All the locations are made quite qualitatively and clearly, the game has bright textures, and each character is drawn to match the real person as much as possible.

Among the key features of GTA San Address for Android are the following:

  • improved graphics, detailed effects, and models of the game’s main characters;
  • support for game synchronizations, color palette, and cloud service has been added;
  • Two analog joysticks can now be used as controls;
  • Immersion’s internal feedback system appeared;
  • Customizable control buttons with context menu appeared;
  • Tuned graphics for different platforms.

GTA supports all popular European languages. It is easy enough to install it on your mobile device. It is advisable to close all open applications before launching the application for the first time, as it will require a lot of virtual memory. When you run it again, you won’t need this. The latest version of the game GTA San Andreas on android download.