Download ZAnti WiFi Hacking APK Free 2018
Download ZAnti WiFi Hacking APK Free 2018

Download ZAnti APK Free: Since people have started using the internet extensively to interact with one another or to search for various information, there have been a lot of online security issues in the past. There are a lot of hackers who can use the personal details of people negatively. A lot of people know about the internet threats but, very few bother to do something about it. For such people, who take their online security seriously, there is a trusted application named Zanti.

It is a penetration testing application which is developed by Zimperium Mobile Security. This application is mostly used by for cybersecurity professionals. The task of this application is to simulate malicious attacks on any network. Using this application, you can perform various types of processes such as MITM attacks, password auditing, vulnerability checks and MAC address spoofing. So lets Download ZAnti APK for Android FREE

ZAnti APK Features: 

Some of the notable features of ZAnti WiFi Hacking APK Includes:

1. It can scan all the possible MAC addresses on your network and check their evaluability.
2. It also has the capability to exploit routers.
3. You can hijack HTTP sessions using Zanti.
4. You can ensure secure online surfing.
5. It also helps in finding loopholes in the system and the internet.
6. It can retrieve the critical script from your several email and Facebook accounts

Note: this is the official website from where you can download the APK of ZAnti on your device. You will not find this APK on Google Play Store or iTunes. You need to download it from the internet only. Also, this application requires a root access for running on a smartphone.


How to get ZAnti Running on your device?

Step 1- Download the APK of Zanti from the link provided above. Then, let it install and allow the root access for it to function ordinarily.

Download ZAnti WiFi Hacking APK Free 2018
Download ZAnti WiFi Hacking APK Free 2018

Step 2- You then have to join the community by entering your email address and checking the “I accept Zimperium’s EULA” box.

Step 3- Then, click on ‘Start Now‘ option which will lead you to a pop-up screen which asks you to join the network. Click on enable if you wish to join. If not, click on ‘Skip.’

Step 4- Now, click on ‘Next‘ till you arrive at the “I am fully authorized to perform penetration testings on the network” checkbox. Check this box and click on ‘Finish.’

This is how to setup the APK of Zanti on your device. Now, let’s understand how to use some of the most prominent features of Zanti for Android

What is MITM Attack?

MITM Attack is nothing but, Man In The Middle attack. Performing this attack with the help of Zanti is quite simple. There are two types of MITM techniques namely, ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) and ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol).

1. ARP MITM attack goes by spoofing MAC address in the LAN.

2. ICMP MITM attack serves by tricking an ICMP redirect message to the router. The parodied message re-routes the victim’s traffic through an attacker-controlled router.

How to Establish Connection with any device?

For using this feature, you need to have ConnectBot this application installed on your device. You can find this app on Google Play Store.

Step 1- Select the target device and, then tap on “Connect to Remote Port.’

Step 2- Now, tap on any port and ConnectBot will automatically connect your device to the host. ZAnti APK for PC

WiFI Monitor.

Zanti also provides a WiFi monitor which allow you to monitor WiFi strength, Name and MAC address. This is not an extraordinary feature but, a useful feature.

Download ZAnti WiFi Hacking APK Free 2018
Download ZAnti WiFi Hacking APK Free 2018


This is a short introduction of what Zanti is and what you can do using this application. You can Download ZAnti APK For Android 2018 from the link mentioned above and start using it to understand its full potential. If we have missed out on any worth mentioning a feature of Zanti then, please let us know about it in the comments section below.



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